Magali Bonilla Roussel

Magali B. Roussel is Dupuy de Lôme great-great-granddaughter

Magali B. ROUSSEL studied business in London, Brussels and Madrid. That lead to her confrontation with the world of businessmen. However, an emotional shock pushed her to live her dream and abandon the business world for that of male fashion.

Thus, in 2010 she decided to get into ESMOD International Fashion School (created in 1841) where she surprisingly found a form of her family heritage. Her Haute-Couture graduation collection, created while working in a CHANEL workshop, was offbeat and quirky. On leaving ESMOD she went to work for Julien FOURNIE and CHANEL.

Today, at 43, Magali is as passionate as ever about men’s suits and tailoring from all periods of history which explains why she has created her own label MAISON DUPUY DE LÔME.

Creative DNA !

Born into an upper middle-class French family, Magali B. ROUSSEL had to live up to a rather particular legacy: search, create, invent, innovate and always be ahead of the times. Indeed, her great-great-grandfather, Henri DUPUY DE LÔME, was a Polytechnique* graduate, a Naval architect and a member of the Académie des Sciences. He was a pioneer in the creation of the first navigable balloon and invented the first ironclad battleship.

While thinking of the name of her future label DUPUY DE LÔME seemed like the obvious choice; not just a name but a way to pay homage to her family history. Her inescapable DNA finds its expression in the collection of men’s suits presented today in their beautiful diversity.


From Paul Signac to the epitome of British class James Bond… with Indiana Jones, Michelangelo, feathers and plumage, architecture of the body and buildings, Picasso and Georges Braque in between…


Looking for beautiful manhood.

Beautiful manhood, is first and foremost the concept of reinventing the 3.0 wardrobe. Why? In order to enhance men.

Magali is fascinated by their silhouettes, whatever their body shape. This explains why she has come up with such an original idea: create suits with 3 different body-types and innovate by making suits the new anti–hacking work overalls thanks to their Anti Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Indeed, not only are the jacket and pockets of the suit functional and utilitarian but they contribute to making the suits not just a garment but also an accessory. A suit which acts as a screen against the pirating of personal data on smartphones and credit cards.

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