An ecological inventor

On September 1st 1846 he married Claire Laurence Dorothée Aubert (1821-1901) in Toulon, in the south of France. They went on to have 3 children Laurence Claire (1847-1943), Cyprien Georges Henri Laurent (1850-?) and Marie Aglaë Henriette (1859-1944).

Magali B. Roussel is one of the descendants of Marie Aglaë Henriette Dupuy de Lôme, Henri Dupuy de Lôme’s 3rd child.

Claire Aubert is the heir to an estate in Evenos that Henri Dupuy de Lôme rebuilt. He created an enormous pleasure garden with terraces, an 260ft long gazebo, a greenhouse, but also ponds, reservoirs and fountains.

Hydraulic system and windmills

However, in a region like Provence, often prey to drought, how could one possibly maintain this extravagant oasis of greenery? In order to supply his estate with water, he started by tapping into a natural water source. As this proved to be insufficient he had the idea of digging deeper. Thus, four wells were interconnected by galleries which brought water up to the house via a hydraulic system using windmills.

The wooden blades of the windmills could be changed depending on how strong the wind was. (There were three different sets.

Jules Verne, who was a friend, came to visit several times and historian Michèle Battesti thinks that the author got inspiration for his books, especially Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, from Dupuy de Lôme…

The estate has stayed in the Dupuy de Lôme family and is today a beautiful vineyard.

In 2006, the building of a wine cellar enabled them to elaborate the first vintage wine from the Dupuy de Lôme estate.


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