Maison Dupuy de Lôme

Who are the DUPUY DE LÔME Paris Men?

The main objectives of this collection are to enable men:

  • to show their power via the cuts, fabrics, technology and their own body-type
  • to signify and affirm their belonging to a clan or a club
  • to be more efficient in their everyday life and work

Standard Ready to Wear

When creating a ready to wear collection, stylists use average male measurements so that the clothing will fit the biggest number of men. If the jacket isn’t quite the right fit a man will probably choose the next size up in order to be able to close the buttons of the jacket, for example. The problem is that in this case the jacket will be too large around the shoulders and the effect will be inelegant…
What’s more, ready to wear is based on a single male body-type: tall and slim. The problem is, that despite the constant pressure on men (and women) in our society to conform to this body-type, the average Frenchman is 5’8’’ tall and 70% of European, Asian and American men are under 5’9’’.


MAISON DUPUY DE LOME has taken up the concept of ready to wear and given it a new twist. It has taken into account the fact that 70% of men in France and abroad are under 5’9’’ tall and that body mass can vary from super slim to a well-rounded middle, due to age or standard of living. This is not a judgement, it’s a fact.

The more a man finds clothes that fit him well, the better he will look. And looking good means getting rid of those little flaws! Indeed, a small or average-sized man cannot wear the same clothes as a tall man. A ¾ length overcoat would cut his legs short, giving the impression that he is smaller than he actually is. A man who can’t quite button up his jacket might be fashionable, but he will be showing exactly what he wants to hide: his stomach.

This is why MAISON DUPUY DE LÔME has created 3 body types for its suits. Three body-types which represent the French (and world) male population.

The FEARLESS body-type: for men who are of a slender body-type, narrow-shouldered and under 5’9’’ tall. The typical Asian morphology.

The SMART body-type: for men who are taller than 5’9’’ in the prime of life with a morphology typical of Northern Europe.

The PERFORMER body-type: for men who have a well-rounded stomach. Mainly business men who because of the demands of work tend to eat out more often than others and don’t have the time to go to the gym. This is not a judgement, it’s a fact. These men are far from obese. They just have a growing middle which prevents them from buttoning their jacket, even when it has perfect width. The Performer body-type is not prevalent in a particular part of the world.

Made to measure or semi-bespoke

Traditional made to measure: a basic pattern is used and adapted according to the client’s measurements. One or two fittings are necessary.

Bespoke tailoring: using the client’s measurements. A minimum of 3 fittings are necessary with a certified and experienced tailor. Each jacket is unique to each client. Perfection guaranteed. Allow 2 weeks between measuring and delivery with at least one or even two fittings in between.

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