Fearless for men who are of a slender body-type (French size jackets 48/50/52).

The jackets are shorter than the SMART ones in order to put them on the cutting edge and lengthen the leg. The shoulder pads are also slightly thicker in order to give a smoother and more squared off build. The jacket is taken in but not fitted.

The target: by highlighting his stature the Fearless man seems taller.

The architectural touch comes from her study of the muscles of the human body while learning anatomical drawing: the feline grace of the chest muscles when stretched, ready for action and more generally body dynamics.


For men who are muscular and well-toned (French size jackets 50/52)

The jackets are longer than the Fearless ones. The shoulder pads are the traditional 1cm as the Smart man is naturally tall.

Inspired by the romantic and playful British dandy, but also by chromoluminarism, which was popular at the end of the 19th century, when pointillism ruled and Georges Seurat was its main exponent.

James Bond or the ingeniousness of subtle fabrics (adapted to the many pockets) is also very present in her inspirations. A dauntless dandy is a light-hearted yet efficient man.


For men who are at ease with their sturdy build (French size jackets 48/50/52)

The Jackets are neither long nor short. The shoulder pads are the traditional 1cm. The focal point is the chest in order to bring the outline upwards and thus make the stomach disappear because the jacket can be buttoned.

The target: by creating a more fitted line the Performer seems magically slimmer.

For the Performer, Magali B. ROUSSEL draws inspiration from businessmen and their daily assignments. The skyscrapers’ architecture with their vertical lines are also important influences.